Individual Tax Planning

Realize Your Potential

A proactive and thoughtfully crafted tax plan can greatly impact income generation, asset protection, and tax minimization. Strategic wealth and tax planning which involves your tax, financial, and legal advisors will have a profound effect on your financial health and bring you peace of mind. Realize will listen closely to your financial goals to develop the necessary tactical steps to achieve them. Our collective experience and deep understanding of tax complexities will keep you on the road to financial freedom and provide you more time to focus on the other important aspects of your life.

The high-net worth individuals we serve include:

  • Multi-generational Families: We work with families to minimize income tax liabilities between generations and between family-related entities. We coordinate income tax with estate and gift planning to help you lower overall tax costs.
  • Private Equity/Hedge Fund Principals: We have extensive experience dealing with the complexities of hedge fund and private equity investments including how to properly report the income from these investments and any other possible foreign disclosures that may need to be made.
  • Entrepreneurs: We advise entrepreneurs on a variety of topics from choice of entity and Qualified Small Business Stock requirements to pre-IPO planning. We also advise on the business requirements to minimize audit risk.
  • Executives: We work with individuals at all levels within a company to help you make the most tax efficient decisions when it comes to your stock options or restricted stock.
  • Real Estate Principals and Investors: We will work with you to structure transactions to help defer income taxes and to time your deductions to take advantage of rate differences.
  • Professional Service Providers: We provide industry- specific knowledge to advise attorneys, doctors and other professional service providers.

How can I minimize my tax liability?

Tax Planning:

  • Tax minimization strategies including multi-year tax analysis and coordination between entities
  • Risk-evaluated tax planning
  • Planning for the tax on Net Investment Income
  • Alternative Minimum Tax planning
  • Charitable planning
  • Retirement planning

What should I do with my stock options?

Equity Planning:

  • Stock option planning
  • Pre-IPO planning
  • Qualified Small Business Stock

With the increasing complexity of tax laws, how can I be confident my return is correct?

Tax Compliance:

  • Complex private equity and hedge fund reporting
  • Multi-state income tax reporting and residency issues
  • Taxation of real estate investments
  • Compliance reporting for self-employed individuals

What foreign assets do I need to report?

Foreign Tax Compliance:

  • Reporting of foreign investments and transactions
  • Residency planning
  • Foreign bank account reporting
  • Expat income tax returns and U.S. non-resident returns

How can I reduce my risk of being audited?

Tax Controversy:

  • Audit representation before tax authorities
  • Research to support tax positions
  • Assist taxpayers with recordkeeping to be audit ready