January 3, 2017

Tax-related Identity Theft

Identity theft, specifically identity theft related to fraudulently filed tax returns, is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. This occurs when a fraudulent tax return is filed using a taxpayer’s social security number, often requesting overly large refunds.

Signs you’ve been a victim of Identity Theft

If you receive correspondence from the IRS related to the following:

  • More than one tax return was filed using your SSN
  • Information indicating you received wages or income from an employer for whom you did not work
  • IRS requesting further verification of your identity (Notice 4883C).

What to do next

If you receive any correspondence from the IRS like the ones stated above, please forward us a copy of the notice immediately. We will take the necessary steps to make sure that the fraudulent return is not filed as well as submit an Identity Theft Affidavit to the IRS on your behalf.

In addition, we have provided a checklist of other steps that you should take if you find yourself a victim of identity theft.

Additional steps to take

In addition, here are some helpful steps that you can take now to help prevent identity theft from occurring.
One very important note – emails or phone calls purporting to be from the IRS and requesting personal information or threatening dire consequences unless a supposed tax bill is paid immediately is a scam known as “phishing.” The IRS will never initiate contact with you via email or phone to request personal information. Never provide personal information over the phone or via email, including your PIN number. If you receive any sort of communication purporting to be from a taxing authority, we urge you to contact us immediately so that we can assist you in verifying the authenticity of the communication.

Identity theft can be an extremely frustrating ordeal and we are here to help you navigate this difficult process. Your team at Realize CPA will work tirelessly on your behalf to help restore your peace of mind.