September 19, 2016

Partnering with Sydney Paige Inc.


Partnering with Sydney Paige Inc., team members of Realize CPA stuffed 200 backpacks with essential school supplies. The backpacks will be distributed to underprivileged children throughout the San Francisco School District.

“One out of every seven children in the Bay Area live in poverty. Our company believes that by providing these children with the proper resources including essential supplies such as paper and pencils, we can help them lay the foundation to stay and excel in school,” said Tracy Feldman, a representative of Sydney Paige.

The Realize CPA team spent an entire afternoon loading backpacks full of school supplies such as binders, notebooks, pencils, markers and other essentials. The team also included handwritten notes of encouragement such as, “Work hard, play hard and smile big”, to let the children know that someone out there is rooting for them and their success.

“It was really fulfilling to work together on this project,” said Sam Jue, a Senior accountant at Realize CPA. “We hope that our notes, albeit simple on the surface, will leave a lasting impression for a young child looking for a reason to believe in a better future.”

Sydney Paige Inc. is based out of Moraga, California. They support school districts and children both locally and nationally via non-profit organizations. If you are interested in learning more about the company, please visit

**1 out of 7 children in the Bay Area live in poverty. (SOURCE – )